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Dear Body…

Dear hair, You sometimes annoy me because you’re so long and thick, but I’m lucky to be blessed with something that other people seem to consider beautiful. We never agree on styles (you like the messy, windblown look) whereas I prefer the “actually brushed my hair before I left” one. Despite our differences, I’m very glad to have you and promise to take better care of you this time…

Dear eyes, You don’t really work properly, what with your squinty-ness, but I help you out by wearing glasses most of the time. Sorry I can’t wear them when I’m on stage, but contacts would hurt you more since you’re allergic. I’m very fond of you, actually – your colour is pretty and not seen very often. And you let me see and appreciate the beautiful world around me, which I thank you for.

Dear ears, You help me to hear the driving force in my life – music. Even more so you’re finally tuned enough to help me actually make music of my own, which I am eternally grateful for. Thank you for giving me the greatest pleasure in my life.

Dear arms, You’re strong and you help me lift things, including myself down the stairs when my legs hurt after dance. You let me embrace my family and friends. You kind of own my hands and therefore you allow me to write and play piano. Basically you’re incredibly important and I value you a lot.

Dear belly, You are, aesthetically speaking, not my best friend. You’re toned but you stick out a little bit too much for me. However, you help me to sing and for that I give you big thanks. You really are crucial for that. 

Dear legs, You’ve been carrying me around for twenty years now and I’ve repaid you by putting you through ballet and tap and jazz and jive and basically making you stronger and hurting you at the same time. Sorry about that, but I think that you must love to dance as much as me or you’d refuse a lot more than you do. You’re muscular and shapely, although I could always do with you being a bit slimmer. Not demanding this, just a little suggestion. Thank you for everything. <3

Dear hips, For someone of 151cm tall I should not have hips as wide as you – but you give me an curvy, feminine hourglass figure and if I ever have children I might not be in quite as much agony as I could have been, so thank you for that.

Dear mind, I’m sure we’ll be understand one another one day. Thank you for liking what you like, and for being really good at remembering things, and for having a good imagination and being creative. You don’t need to feel things quite so deeply, but I’m sure we’ll learn that together as the years go by.

Love from Cat.

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